Polywall is the perfect solution for any video wall project requiring high performance and reliability in a cost effective and easy-to-use platform.


Typically control rooms have a wide variety of data sources and it is often difficult to effectively manage them even on single high-resolution screen. Polywall can help you make this process a breeze – that is why Polywall is an excellent solution for all type of control rooms.

Control room with Polywall

Network Operation Center (NOC)

NOC with Polywall

Command Center

Comand Center with Polywall

Public and Military Security and Surveillance

Control room with Polywall

Traffic Control

Traffic control with Polywall


With Polywall it is easy to manage piles of presentations, start them with a single drag & drop or to synchronize several presentations (even on separate displays). You can show media material that supports your event like videos, animations, live feeds, etc.

Collaboration rooms with Poywall

Boardroom and Meeting Room

Meeting room with Polywall

Press Center

Press center

Training Centers

Training Center Photo

Conference halls

Conference hall photo


There are many solutions available on the market that can turn a display into remotely controlled advertising billboard. However, most of these solutions are built by engineers for engineers. Digital Signage systems are usually managed by marketing professionals. They do not want to waste time on complicated trainings. The solution is using Polywall software.

Digital Signage Megafon

In-store signage

In-store digital signage

Display in Mall

Dispaly in Mall