Polywall version 3.2 released

New technology developed

  • In-house software encoder/streamer created

    • Windows based (Windows 7 and higher)

    • Capturing any part of Windows display space (regardless of monitors borders)

    • Sound capturing

    • USB device stream capturing

    • Fully adjustable parameters of encoding – resolution, frame rate, bitrate

    • CPU-friendly codec for low workload

    • Multiple independent streams from one PC

  • First implementation – upgrade of user interface

New features:

  • Sound management feature introduced

    • Affects video, IP stream, stream from capture card

    • (interface) Mute/Unmute button for source in Live zone

    • (interface) Mute/Unmute button for source in Preview (for Scene/scenario)

    • (settings) Muted/Unmuted default setting for all sources

    • (API) API commands for Mute/Unmute source

  • Integration with Blackmagicdesign DeckLink Quad HDMI Recorder capture card

    • MSRP USD 825

Upgrades to sources

  • HOT! URL source upgraded with more browser options:

    • Added Chrome (top line, HTML5)

    • Added Chrome with profile (for addons/cookies support)

    • Added Internet Explorer (Kiosk mode without borders/top line)

Upgrades to user interface

  • HOT! New high-quality live 30FPS feedback from all videowalls in operator interface

    • Perfect text quality

    • Smooth 30FPS video from each videowall

  • Document sources – pdf, doc, ppt – now can be grouped for synchronized page flipping

  • Document sources now can be set to auto-flip pages mode

    • Flipping delay specified in source properties

    • Several document can flip independently

    • Manual operation stops auto-flipping

  • Small changes and fixes

    • Videowall feedback area in interface now properly scaled vs videowall size

    • Video sources now placed by default with enabled “loop” setting

    • Scenarios now can be saved only to “Schedule” folder

Upgrade to settings

  • (visualizer) New setting to decide on GPU or CPU decoding for IP streams and video files

  • (visualizer) Added “Frame rate” setting for new live feedback mechanism

  • (server) “Cubes” renamed to “Grid Layout Group” for more clarity.

General updates

  • Resolved lots of small bugs

  • Re-written Worker from scratch for more stability and security

  • .Net Framework was updated to the latest 4.8 version for less legacy