Polywall 3.0 Brings AV-over-IP to Distributed Control Centers 


The new version of Polywall video wall management software will be displayed on the Visiology booth at ISE 2019. Polywall 3.0 is a versatile hardware-agnostic tool for the next generation video wall management. The new version features essential functions facilitating work with content displayed on multiple video walls in distributed control centers while leaving the room in a budget for designing cost-effective system integration solutions. Developed by the team with deep engineering expertise and two decades of experience implementing system integration projects, Polywall is a product that helps corporations, manufacturing facilities and city governments to make decision-making, real-time communications, centralized monitoring even more effective.  


Organizations in various sectors increasingly prioritize efficiency of decision-making, centralized monitoring of operations and convenient communications. At the same time, the demand for integration of security and surveillance systems and subsequent design of security and surveillance centers keeps growing. The new Polywall is a flexible tool that facilitates coherent management of media sources and intuitive visualization in situation centers and control rooms implemented to support these applications.


Polywall 3.0 enables scenario of powering multiple video walls with a single controller thus reducing hardware cost of the entire integrated system. This offers new opportunities for managing media sources and display of content on several video walls located in the same hall or at remote sites, for instance, local branches of a commercial bank or remote manufacturing facilities.


The software now supports AV-over-IP encoding that allows to capture part of the video wall and display it in a different location, for instance, transmit a snapshot of a traffic monitoring report from a video wall in a specialized city agency to the central control room in a city government building.


New ability to configure multiple work zones helps streamline and arrange convenient work process in hierarchical structures by designing dedicated virtual work areas for operators and administrators with personalized access rights and tasks. The access settings for local operators and the content plan for displays located either in the same building or in different cities can be defined from a single central administrator workplace.


Improved user-friendly interface includes a template tool that helps to create customized grid alignment layouts applicable for creative projects with non-standard video wall shapes.


Polywall 3.0 licensing is one of the most comprehensive in the industry with just 1 proper license covering one installation with an unlimited quantity of displays, video walls and operator desks. It gives true flexibility for developing control centers of any size.


Polywall is an intuitive, easy-to-use and high-quality tool that meets and surpasses industry standards at the same time offering a cost-effective option for integration projects. The economical precision and versatility of Polywall allow it to be used in many different types of projects and support competitive bids.


Visit Visiology booth located in Hall 15-H284 to learn more details about the new features and explore the software firsthand.