Polywall 3: Upgrade Your Business Approach to Videowall Projects


How to increase profitability, optimize solution cost structure and build a stronger brand through videowall projects? Ivan Romashko, Head of Global Sales for Polywall, will talk about an upgraded business approach to projects with videowalls at the Dealer Tech Day that will take place in São Paolo on October 22nd, 2019.


As the “brain” that makes a videowall function and display relevant content, a bundle consisting of a hardware controller with a content management software is an essential part of any audiovisual systems integration project requiring a videowall. The duo however can also become a key to increasing profits from each project, optimizing project costs and gaining brand awareness, and eventually brand premium, with every successful installation. As an alternative option to using well-established video controller brands to manage videowalls, assembling a customized hardware controller with professional hardware-agnostic videowall management software can be a brand-boosting solution for ProAV system integrators .


“In the modern market, famous brands are a very good solution for “cream market” customers such as large multinational corporations. In the major market though, you often face a strict budget policy where top brands with a high value-add and price may not fit,” says Ivan Romashko, Head of Global Sales for Polywall. “To win these budget-limited jobs and offer the best customer experience, we advise partners to build their own cost-effective videowall management solutions from locally available components. The user experience is largely defined by interface, or software, and Polywall does a great job here. It’s an affordable and flexible product that has been at the heart of multiple award-winning projects. We have been developing and improving Polywall for over 10 years and continue to help partners globally to win projects of different scales – from boardrooms to large distributed control rooms”


Polywall videowall management software is compatible with most controller types, including both well-known hardware systems and customized videowall controllers assembled in-house. From basic customization that doesn’t require much efforts and substantially lowers solution cost to advanced options including custom built PCs, Polywall fits any system and provides all functions that have long become standard for the industry. The software helps to display and stream information from any source on one or multiple videowalls, create scenes and automated scenario playbacks, among other functions.


The latest version of Polywall — 3.1 — was released in September 2019 and includes 4 licensing options. Version Lite has a very attractive price for single-wall projects. Universal Standard and features-rich version PRO can support various kinds of network operation centers, control rooms and conference halls. Finally, Enterprise version is a solution for distributed facilities with many rooms. Multivisualizer helps to lower installation costs and connect several videowalls to one videowall controller. Integrated Magewell SDK enables the use of cost-effective capture card solutions from this vendor.


Hear more about how to develop a custom videowall controller business and explore Polywall firsthand at the Dealer Tech Day that will take place on October 22nd at the Meliá Paulista hotel.