Situation center of a regional governor of Kyzylordinskaya region, Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked country in the world, and the ninth largest overall. Located in the south of the country, Kyzylorda region is one of strategic importance for Kazakhstan. It covers a vast area which includes the famous Baikonur spaceport. Oil and uranium development, Europe - Western China transport corridor, Eco project of Aral Sea recovery outline the range of projects held by the regional government. At the same time the distances between population centers present significant administrative and communication challenges for the regional authorities. Situation center became an elegant solution to these challenges.
InAVation Awards Winner 2017
The new equipment system allows to use situation center not only for meetings and conferences, but also for rapid decision-making in case of crisis and emergency situations.

Main activities of the situation center:
  • Monitoring, analysis and forecasting of socioeconomic development of Kyzylorda region;
  • Monitoring of Infrastructure and investment projects;
  • Security and risk management in the economic, financial, demographic, industry, information and other sectors;
  • Sociopolitical analysis;
  • Strategic and operative planning for Kyzylorda region;
  • Prepare and examine decision options on current issues;
  • Provide information support for corporate decision making;
  • Performance control.
Situation center consists of a main boardroom, an analyst’s suite, an interpreters zone and a server room. The customer wanted to get a fully-integrated solution from a single provider, employing state-of-theart audio-visual equipment from leading global manufacturers. Top prioritized system requirements were reliability and stability, ease of management. Furthermore, the system had to integrate with existing information systems used all over the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main software requirements were:
  • Ability to show multiple images from different sources on the video wall;
  • Integration with information systems currently in use by state bodies of Kazakhstan;
  • Access rights differentiation for the system operators;
  • Online and offline data entry;
  • Ability to create scenarios for the demonstration and their quick editing;
  • Integration with information systems of government authorities according to specifications.
Public Sector
Project type
Situation Center
Kyzylorda akkymat administration
Polymedia-Kazakhstan LLC
Kyzylorda, Republic of Kazakhstan
Polywall version
Polywall PRO
Matrox Mura MPX 44HF
Video wall size
2 video walls 4x2, 3 repeater displays
Display brand
Mitsubishi VS-70HEF projection cubes, Mitsubishi Electric LM55S1 thin frame displays
Situation Center infrastructure consists of a meeting room with a desk for the participants and visitors’ sites, analysts’ rooms and cabins for simultaneous interpreters. Polywall software was installed to manage data visualization on two 2x4 video walls (Mitsubishi VS-70HEF projection cubes, Mitsubishi Electric LM55S1 narrow bezel displays), 12 personal displays for meeting participants and 3 auxiliary displays for meeting attendees. Polywall helps create meeting scripts and configure media windows on the video wall in the main hall so they would match the discussion topics. During major meetings all the video walls and displays are synchronized to show the current presentation in real time. At the same time the system operators can display any additional information on a personal monitor of each participant.
Polywall software enables
  • Efficient control of all audiovisual suits operation modes, both in real time and on a preprogrammed script;
  • Create and store non-linear meeting scenarios, including settings of all the hardware and software at any time; immediate launch of scripts and their editing;
  • Management of various data visualization modes on various types of sources connected to the system;
  • Present large volumes of numerical data from various sources as business graphics for more intuitive perception especially on shared displays.
Situation Center began its operations in 2014. Center staff consists of 21 employees, including analysts and technical experts.

Polywall software provides 24/7 reliable visual support to the entire decision-making process, ensuring:
  • Video wall management support;
  • Live data placement, broadcasting;
  • Organization of remote negotiations and meetings;
  • Data monitoring and forecasting In 2015, the Kyzylorda Situation Center project won the prestigious award in the field of audio-visual industry InAVation Awards in the category “Control room”.

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