Situation Center of Atyrau region, Kazakhstan

The Situation Center of Atyrau region serves as an instrument to provide comprehensive information about the situation in the economic and social areas of the region, assists to promptly prevent critical and emergency situations, as well as collates the activity of the region with other regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In their turn, the aforementioned activities optimize and increase the effectiveness of the managerial decision-making process.
InAVation Awards Project Winner 2017
ProIntegration Awards Winner 2016
The basic requirement of the Customer was to create an effective hardware-and-software system for the Situation Center of akimat by resorting to services of only one integrator.

The software part of the whole project had to meet the following requirements crucial for the customer:
  • Integration with data systems existing in the region and in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Online data input for users of the system according to both the assigned access rights and the list of criteria defined by the Requirements Specification;
  • Integration with data systems of government agencies, which is performed according to the Requirements Specification;
  • Reliability and stability of the system;
  • Maximum ease of use.
Project type
Situation Center
Akimat of Atyrau Region (regional executive authority)
Polymedia LLC
Video wall size
1 video wall 6x2
To manage data streams and to display data on the video wall of the Situation Center, Polywall software solution has been deployed to support additional displays and individual workbenches of conference members. This program package allows to create scenarios for the conference and to cascade windows with data on the video wall of the Main Hall of the Situation Center to reflect the topics of discussion. Polywall software was developed to manage the display of information and to provide maintenance for congresses, board meetings, conferences, and work meetings in control rooms and situation centers. This unique software package is an effective tool for visualization management, development of multiple scenarios for conferences, as well as effective management of software and hardware components.
Polywall version
Polywall PRO
Polywall software not only provided centralized control over the displays and the videowall, but also helped solve some basic problems of the Situation Center. First of all, it provided effective management of virtually all audiovisual complexes both in real time and according to a predefined scenarios. Besides Polywall permitted to manage the data visualization modes more effectively from any number and varios types of displays. Moreover, it helped to significantly improve the possibility to display large volumes of numerical data from various sources enabling better understanding, which is mostly relevant for shared displays.

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