Nordjyske Medier, Aalborg, Denmark

Nordjyske Medier is a news agency located in Northern-Jutland in Denmark. The agency works with online news, newspapers and radio. It is the second-oldest media company in Denmark and takes pride in being knowns as one of the world’s most modern media companies. The agency works with a wide range of media and manages a fully integrated workflow between the editing, sales and production departments.
The editorial team needed a system utilizing several videowalls that display day-to-day information. One of the key aspects was the ability to change the focus and information needed for this task. The experienced technical staff of the agency developed the mockups of multiple screen display areas. The choice of display systems fell on 55” screens arranged into 2x2 videowalls with an optimal bezel size. Price was an important factor as the team set out to build four 2x2 videowalls and place them in the center of the editorial area, providing the possibility to have quick editorial meetings, displaying more visual information.
Media, News agency
Project type
Information system for news editors. BI data for marketing/sales.
Nordjyske Medier A/S
Haack A/V ApS
Aalborg, Denmark
Polywall version
Video wall size
8 videowalls of different sizes and 10 standalone screens
Display brand
NEC, Dell, Philips
While searching for screens, the agency’s technical team was searching for the right software solution. After thorough research, the team arrived at a decision to try out Polywall.

“We liked the idea of not having fixed setups but being able to design on the fly what look and media we wanted to bring to the videowalls. The option to design templates, that could be activated at certain times of the day would help our editorial team getting info”, said Lars Pape Dreier, IT Operations Consultant. “During the process it became clear that the simplicity in Polywall screen/videowall management would help us move info around the corporation, utilizing videowalls (or multiple screens) placed in marketing and in sales department.

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