Network Operation Center for Equinix, Singapore

Equinix is a multinational company focused on enabling global interconnection between organizations and their employees, customers, partners, data and clouds. The company is the leading global provider of data center colocation and it operates in more than 175 data centers in 22 countries on five continents.

The company offers colocation, interconnection solutions and related services to enterprises, content companies, system integrators and a large number of network service providers all around the world. Equinix data centers host more than 2,750 cloud and IT service providers.

In Singapore, Equinix operates three data centers, one at Pioneer Walk and two at Ayer Rajah Crescent.
The interconnected era presents businesses with amazing opportunities and complex challenges. In order to prove its position of interconnection leader that accelerates business performance and fosters endless opportunities for the clients, Equinix team in Singapore decided to renovate its network operations center and expand its possibilities.

As the existing video wall system was built almost 7 years ago, it needed certain actualization to remain on the cutting edge of technology. Taking into account that NOC was the focal point for network troubleshooting, operation monitoring and coordination with affiliated networks, the essential need of the client was to build a fully centralized system with complete flexibility of layout design and multiple types of content without the necessity to use third party layout software.
Information Technology
Project type
Network Operation Center
Acesian Systems Pte Ltd
Mindstec Asia (S) Pte Ltd
Video wall size
1 video wall 4x4
With a vision to update the whole video wall system Acesian Systems engineers offered to use Datapath controller together with Polywall PRO software for complete system control. Easily deployed and configured, Polywall turned to be an optimal solution to address all above mentioned client requirements. The use of 3rd party layout software is now fully eliminated, as the existing solution provides centralized control over layout and choice of content. Most importantly Polywall PRO allows creating presets for different operation scenarios and visitor presentations which is a fundamental point for the client. Moreover the solution is smoothly integrated with the client’s internal web portal and Channel News Asia from a Setup Box.
Polywall version
Polywall PRO
Fully updated network operations center helps Equinix to bring business to the next level. Much of the new control system’s success is also due to the use of easy-to-manage and flexible Polywall software, which facilitates visualization of necessary content and provides centralized access to operational data 24/7.
Hardware brand, model
Datapath VSN970-RPSU/16GB
1 unit of 4 channel HD capture card with HDMI splitter cables (VisionSC-HD4+/H)
4 units of 4 port Displayport graphics card w/HDMI adapters (ImageDP4/HDMI)

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