Network Operation Center for Bangalore Budweiser office, India

Budweiser is the world’s largest beer brand produced by Anheuser-Busch InBev, a major Brazilian-Belgian beer corporation. The brand was founded by Adolphus Busch during 1876 in the USA. It comprises 30% rice along with barley malt, and hops and is one of the top sellers in the US. It is produced globally and available as both packaged and draught. It is rather light and less bitter, which is why it is regarded as refreshment by consumers.
Video walls are the part of every Budweiser network operation center. Integrated with the BI system they control the entire production process, as well as monitor system processes and display alerts in real time. Strict adherence to all production stages: order, time and temperature are critical for the quality of the product. The total duration of the brewing lasts 103 days. Beer maturation process must necessarily take place in cold conditions, with the possibility to control the temperature. For this reason, the company needed software capable of seamlessly integrating with existing BI systems and a large number of sources, supporting 24/7 operation. Polywall software perfectly met all of the necessary requirements.
Project type
Network Operation Center
Millennium AlcoBev
Mindstec Distribution Pvt Ltd
Bangalore, India
Video wall size
2 x 3 and 2 x 4
To satisfy customer’s needs Mindstec designed a powerful solution consisting of newest hardware and software. The factory in Bangalore is now equipped with two video walls carrying out round-the-clock monitoring of the beer production process. System control is carried out by Polywall PRO software that runs on Datapath controllers, providing connection through the URL-based input source.
Polywall version
Polywall PRO 2.0
Hardware brand, model
Datapath VSN970-RPSU/8GB
Polywall software provides 24/7 reliable visual support to the entire production process, ensuring:
  • operation management support;
  • monitoring and fault rectification;
  • performance management;
  • security management.
8 DVI input and 14 IP input ImageDP4
Number of operators
In 2007 Anheuser-Busch started to invest in the production and popularization of Budweiser beer in India and opened a plant in Hyderabad. Today it is ranked 6th in the list of top 10 best beer brands in India on the basis of popularity among people.
14 outputs VisionHD4
Display brand, size
Samsung 55”

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