headquarters of mobile network operator

The solution, developed for the headquarters of Megafon, a mobile network operator, has considerably enhanced the efficiency of the Company's meetings, conferences, training and corporate events. The use of information display and control systems, digital collaboration tools and remote teamwork solutions benefit the operations of the teams working at the organization.
ProIntegration Awards Winner 2017
To make scheduling of meetings more convenient for the Megafon team, Polymedia, in cooperation with Initium, has developed a meeting room booking system. This solution makes it possible to book a meeting room right from an employee's workplace via MS Exchange or directly from the meeting room via an on-wall device. If an employee is in the meeting room that is already booked by another employee, the system will suggest the closest available meeting room and provide an optimal entrance route.

The app, which was specifically designed to meet the needs of Megafon, is installed on a tablet. The app interface reproduces the corporate colors and style, strictly conforms to the corporate brand guidelines. The ergonomics and functionality of the app was developed according to the preferences and needs of the employees.
Room types that we equipped with our modern audiovisual solutions:
  • a typical executive office;
  • a meeting room with a seating capacity of 4 to 8 people;
  • a meeting room with a seating capacity of 10 to 12 people;
  • a meeting room with a seating capacity of 16 to 20 people;
  • a meeting room with a seating capacity of 30 people;
  • a lecture hall;
  • a computer classroom;
  • an entrance area;
  • an atrium;
  • a press-center;
  • a conference hall;
  • a CEO office;
  • a CEO lounge area;
  • a CEO meeting room;
  • a VIP office + a meeting room;
  • office staff lounge areas.
Our team has equipped 301 rooms so far.

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headquarters of mobile network operator
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