Project details

Kazakhstan electric grid operating company (KEGOC), Astana

Video wall assembled from 36 rear projection cubes by Mitsubishi Electric is installed in the Company's main control room. The cubes are mounted in an arc-shaped frame and form a screen with the dimensions of 12 x 4 meters and a total resolution of 4200 x 12600 pixels. This installation uses two Jupiter graphic controllers, of which the second one acts as the «hot swap» in case the first controller malfunctions.
Alexey Sivitsky, CEO of Polymedia Kazakhstan
"As a system integrator, we solved a whole range of tasks in this project - from equipment installation to providing the ability to display information from the old dispatch control system and SCADA data collection, which KEGOC has been using since the time of its foundation. The works were carried out almost around the clock, so only 12 days elapsed from the moment the equipment was delivered until the implementation of the SCADA visualization, which is more than just "quick" for such a large-scale project."

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