Digital Signage project for Bangalore Visa office, India

Visa is a global payments technology company that connects consumers, businesses, banks and governments in more than 200 countries and territories, enabling them to use digital currency instead of cash and checks.

Visa has built one of the world’s most advanced processing networks. It’s capable of handling more than 24,000 transactions per second, with reliability, convenience and security, including fraud protection for consumers and guaranteed payment for merchants.

Offices and development centers in India (Mumbai and Bangalore) are ones of the vital support to the company providing technical and service support for the entire Asia region.
Employees of Visa’s Bangalore office work in a high-speed mode, and must always be informed about actual news, both within the group of companies and in the financial sector as a whole. Therefore, it was decided to create a system of internal signage in the busiest interior office zones - the main hall and the dining room. Important was the necessity to simultaneously display information from different sources: financial reports from the company’ website, video clips, live broadcasts.

Visa needed affordable and easy control software and Polywall perfectly matched the company’s requirements.
Project type
Digital Signage
Visa Inc.
Mindstec Distribution Pvt Ltd
Bangalore, India
Video wall size
2 video walls 2x2, 1 video wall 2x4 and several separate displays
Solution Results
Project, executed by Mindstec, was carried out on a rather short deadline. The company’s office was equipped with three video walls, located in the dining room (3.5 mm narrow bezel displays in a 4x2 configuration) and the main hall (3.5 mm narrow bezel displays in a 2x2 configuration).

One of the video walls combined with a touch table serves as the background for the creation of interactive selfie.

The system was powered by Polywall software that runs on Datapath controllers. Ready for use immediately after installation, Polywall software does not require any preliminary user training.
Polywall version
Polywall 2.0
Hardware brand, model
Datapath VSN970-RPSU/8GB
The use of the digital signage system resulted in the following:
  • maintain a constant daily contact with employees;
  • increase of employee awareness;
  • draw attention to the company news by using dynamic content;
  • transmit and share the company’s values.
Inputs / Outputs
8 inputs/outputs VisionHD4 in each processor
Number of operators

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