Department of Emergency Situations of Almaty, Kazakhstan

Polymedia Kazakhstan implemented an audiovisual equipment complex for the Department of Emergency Situations of Almaty. The solution includes interactive multimedia systems for the situation hall and the hall of the integrated on-duty dispatch division and helps to display combined information from existing monitoring and emergency response systems on the videowall.

The system supports meetings of the leadership and the on-duty dispatch division and enables the display of operational information on the videowall to facilitate executive decision-making.
The integrated solution helps the Department to introduce emergency response measures, coordinate the work of on-duty dispatch teams, as well as optimize the efficiency and reaction time of the employees to operational decisions. The implemented solution proved itself as an effective tool for the evaluation of emergency situations and helps to assess potential catastrophes ahead of time and apply preventive measures to protect the population.

The key feature of the implemented solution for the situation hall is an equipment complex that has the capability to integrate information from existing monitoring and emergency response systems by displaying them on a videowall. Polywall controller and software enable timely and easy management of visualization modes for information from different sources, both software and hardware, on any number and any kind of display systems.

The solution implemented in the integrated on-duty dispatch division hall also helps to display on the videowall highly detailed images both from hardware and software sources. It is integrated with information sources of the situation hall. The main advantage is the possibility to display images from the videowall in the on-duty dispatch division hall to the videowall in the situation hall, and vice versa.
Project type
Control room
Department of Emergency Situations of Almaty
Polymedia Kazakhstan
Polywall version
Polywall PRO
Polywall 5000 12/6 controller and Polywall 5000 12/8 controller
Video wall size
3х4 and 3x3 (12 and 9 professional LG displays respectively)
Display brand

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