Corporate Control Room for PepsiCo in Mexico D.F.

PepsiCo is a large multinational food and beverage corporation with a market capitalization amounting to over $190 billion as of December 2019. Formed in 1965, PepsiCo currently has over 260,000 employees and divisions all over the world.

In Mexico, PepsiCo is an agribusiness corporation with more than 100-year old history. It offers a broad portfolio of brands, such as Pepsi, Sabritas, Gamesa, Quaker, Gatorade and Sonrics.
The PepsiCo team in Mexico needed a centralized location from which they could manage the operations and control truck delivery of all products in the region. The requirement was a wide and flexible system that would display the entire territory of the country and provide an opportunity to monitor vehicles in real time.

To achieve this goal, the office in Mexico was equipped with a separate control room zone with a videowall and multiple operator workspaces. The existing system included Windows-based equipment and it was important that the software for content management is compatible with this type of hardware.

Another important project requirement was the necessity for the system to be mobile and portable. The solution needed to be powerful and comprehensive, but at the same time agile and light, so that the wall could be easily moved without substantial efforts.
Food and beverage
Project type
Corporate control room
Multimedia Corporativa
Ciudad de México — México
Video wall size
1 Videowall, 3X2 installed in a mobile construction
The project, implemented by Multimedia Corporativa, included design and installation of audiovisual systems and training for the customer. Polywall was integrated into the solution to display various types of content on the screen, facilitate the work with information from different sources, display the desktops of operators’ workstations on the screen.

The corporate control room features a 3X2 videowall assembled from six 55” LG displays.The team chose Polywall for two main reasons. First, the affordable price of the solution compared to other providers of videowall management systems was an important factor. Another essential parameter was the simplicity of using the software. During the trial period, the team realized that Polywall is an easy-to-use tool that fits the agility and quality requirements of the client and at the same time does not require complicated adjustments and installation preparations.
Polywall version
Polywall Standard
Display brand
55” LG monitors with 3 mm bezel

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