Project details

Energy efficiency monitoring center and training hall, Bashkirenergo OJSC

The main control room features a video wall built from 32 projection modules in an 8x4 (67") configuration produced by Mitsubishi Electric. The overall resolution of the video wall comes up to 11200x4200 pixels. The size of the wall is 1089x408 cm. To ensure reliable installation and quality image blending produced by projection modules, Polymedia team used specialized mounting structures developed specifically for this project.

The training hall is equipped with a video wall built from six projection modules in a 3x2 configuration. In addition to personnel training, the hall can be used as a backup control room.

While implementing the project, the team developed specialized software, which helps to display power pool schemes in structural and commutation forms. The structural form shows all the main power sites in a simplified format (400 stations and substations). The commutation scheme is used for topological analysis of the condition of equipment in the power network.

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