How to ensure effective team interaction?

Even for experienced companies, the sudden outbreak of a pandemic was a big blow. The activities of companies were suspended, which affected income, share prices, and transactions. Office space had to be vacated or reduced. Some employees will be temporarily fired or shifted to home office. Senior executives had to act quickly, guided by the board of directors.

Remote work, meetings, interviews, conferences, etc., have become commonplace nowadays. For this reason, organizations need to rethink their current boardroom setup. In these conditions, more than ever, the question is acute - How to ensure effective team interaction?

In Polywall-equipped control rooms, remote employees can have access to information from the video walls from their home office workplaces. They can also fully participate in meetings through software video conferencing technology, connecting to meetings on the fly through platforms such as ZOOM. In addition, a flexible visualization management system allows you to switch the control room to the “boardroom” mode by simply preparing and changing the layout of information on the video wall. And the supervisor of the room is in full control of the situation in all rooms where Polywall operates, being in any place - both in his office and in the home office.

We will review an example of implementing a hybrid control room under the control of our platform in the next post.

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