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Explore the latest version of Polywall at InfoComm 2020 Connected

Visit Polywall virtual booth at InfoComm 2020 Connected and learn about what’s new in the latest release.

Polywall software platform helps display and manage information in all types of command and control environments — from simple boardrooms to distributed industrial control rooms and situation centers. The platform is hardware-agnostic and aids in defining key parameters of a command and control center depending on the requirements of each particular project. It enables convenient management of information, captures and displays visual data from a wide variety of sources, and produces high-quality visualization.

The upcoming release includes Polywall Streamer — a new platform component that will capture and stream dynamic content from a remote PC to a video wall. Polywall Streamer displays live video feeds and other information with quickly changing parameters, such as dashboards or SCADA system schemes, in high quality and with low latency. The Streamer can transmit content from remote displays, selected areas on them, or other hardware inputs, such as USB cameras. It is a cost-effective software alternative to a hardware set-up with controller and capture cards that enables similar functionality.

The current version of Polywall now features a sound management function that represents an efficient and simple way to control sound in command and control environments. The functionality provides means for work with sound of all the sources displayed on the video wall, playing only required tracks and muting all unnecessary sounds from other sources.

The recently improved live feedback function helps an operator to monitor content that is displayed on a video wall in real time and in high quality directly from the operator console. The feature is useful for set-ups when an operator is located, for instance, in another room. The improved real-time feedback helps avoid lagging video feed and ensures fast and high-quality stream thanks to a high frame rate of up to 30 fps.

Explore the demo of these and other new and core features of Polywall at the Infocomm 2020 Connected: link to the virtual booth.

Polywall platform represents a comprehensive approach to work in decision centers built on over 21 years of expertise acquired by the team that developed the product. The platform gives an integrator the capacity to define and set the command and control environment depending on the customer needs and connect all necessary components, such as hardware, network equipment and other elements.

Polywall is a perfect tool for network operation centers, control rooms, security operations and surveillance centers, crisis rooms, conference halls, and other command and control environments.