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Polywall scales up to a command and control platform

Polywall command and control platform connects all the components essential for creating an efficient and intuitive command and control environment. 

The platform helps define key parameters of a command and control center, depending on the requirements of each particular project. It enables convenient management of information, can capture visual data from a wide variety of sources and produces high-quality visualization.

Every command and control center can benefit from a powerful tool that makes the center’s operations more efficient and supports decision-making. The software that links key aspects of a command and control environment is an essential element that connects hardware sources into a single functioning system and defines the quality of information eventually used to support important decisions.

Polywall platform supports three components of work in a control room: source capture, source management and source visualization.

Capture sources quickly and in high quality
The ability to simultaneously operate multiple information sources of various types directly impacts the quality of decision-making in a control room, especially in a mission-critical environment. Polywall platform supports work with all kinds of sources: images and video, applications, desktops of physical or virtual workstations, IP streams. The flexibility in capturing hardware sources is achieved thanks to a wide variety of integrated SDKs from vendors such as Matrox, Datapath, Nvidia, Magewell, Blackmagic Design. The new Streamer Agent enables capturing of a desktop content, USB camera stream from any workstation in the network with up to 4K resolution/30fps.

Manage visual information effectively
Polywall platform creates a custom and efficient environment for operators in command and control centers depending on the roles and tasks of particular individuals. An operator can take control of any source from the console, effectively managing remote workstations, handling documents and streams. The easy-to-use console allows customization of line grids, quick presets switching, automated videowall content open for manual changes at any moment.
The new Dynamic Console helps operators to see exactly what is displayed on a videowall in real-time at each particular moment, providing a 30fps live videowall feedback directly in the interface.

An upcoming Polywall API 2.0 will provide the capability to create customized interfaces for groups of operators depending on the roles, tasks and access rights of each group. To be supplied with a starter set of default forms, all specific functions of each group will include an option to be programmed into a customized layout, ensuring convenient work and efficiency.

Display in an intuitive form
Intuitive visualization of the required information on a videowall completes the platform experience and facilitates the decision-making process. Polywall links an unlimited amount of videowalls, information screens, control monitors scattered across the network to be managed under one license, effectively opening all surfaces for any content as per operator governance. The hardware-agnostic approach allows the use of any Windows-based player or controller to power videowalls, ensuring that Polywall-based projects are tailored to budget requirements, flexible to local availability of components and devices, and meet customer requirements.

Polywall platform represents a comprehensive approach to work in command and control centers built on over 21 years of expertise acquired by the team that developed the product. The platform gives an integrator the capacity to define and set the command and control environment depending on the customer needs and connect all necessary components, such as hardware, network equipment and other elements.