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Polywall version 3.4 released!

The latest Polywall version is available with the following updates

New features

  • Expansion of Application source functionality.
     -It is now possible to visualize multiple-process application without additional workstations.
       Example: software with launcher or 2-windows software.
     -Compatibility of “Application” source type with 3rd party software greatly improved.

  • Videoconference integration Feature preview – preview of possible integration with videoconference platform (zoom as an example):
     -Zoom session is an application source
     -Can use USB camera/Microphone connected to videowall controller to show operator hall
     -Can use audio output of videowall controller to provide zoom session sound stream.
     -Full native control over session via videowall KVM control
     -Can see shared desktops of other participants
     -In further development:
      VC platform-agnostic videowall sharing toul
Feedback required!

  • Polywall Streamer Software Update:
     -added language support for Streamer interface
      Benefit: Any interface language can be added per project basis
     -New upscaling/downscaling filter
      -Improved text readability on downscaled streams i.e. on stream from videowall
      -Decrease workload to GPU/CPU from up/downscaling
     -New color space options - BT709 (sRGB), BT601(Rec. 601)
      Benefit: Now can fine-tune color perception of stream on videowall
     -Upgraded color encoding to 4:2:0 (NV12)
      Benefit: Stream start will not depend on operator actions

Improvement of user interface

  • Added Enable/Disable flag to Scheduler lines.
Benefit: Improved user experience. Operator can fine-tune schedule.
  • Added button to close all sources on the videowall.
Benefit: Improved user experience. Simple way to clear videowall.
  • Added MS Excel scaling from Designer control tab.
Benefit: Improved user experience. Easier control over Excel source.

General updates

  • Added “Restart” functionality for the Polywall Worker component.
  • Added event logging for the Polywall Worker component.
  • Improved stability of combination Matrox D-series + Matrox IPX cards.
  • Password storage procedure was updated for better security.

API improvement

  • Call empty scene – can now call empty scene to clear videowall from sources.

Videowall visual improvements

  • Menu toolbar in MS Excel source has been minimized for better videowall user experience.

Fixed issues

  • (Enterprise) Fixed the issue with hang out of multiple scenarios running simultaneously.
  • (All licenses) The server logging system was redesigned to reduce the load on the server.
  • (All licenses) Fixed the issue with the Polywall Visualizer memory overflow when Magewell capture cards are used.
  • (All except Lite) Fixed the memory overflow of IP Stream source in case of unstable RTSP stream.
  • (All licenses) Fixed the black screen issue with Powerpoint source placed to non-cullated videowall.
  • (PRO+/Enterprise) Fixed the issue of disabled auto detection of the Polywall Streamer sources after restarting videowall controller.
  • (All licenses) Removed video source FPS drop on Datapath/Nvidia based systems due to LIVE feedback capture.
  • (All licenses) Removed limitation for source name in “Google Chrome with profile” source.