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Polywall 3.3: upgrade your command and control environment to a post-pandemic level

Polywall version 3.3 featuring Polywall Streamer is now available for download.

Polywall Streamer is a software module that captures part or the entire screen of a remote PC and encodes it to IP stream. That stream shared through a local network can be displayed on a Polywall-managed video wall in high quality. The Streamer is a cost-saving solution and is perfect for work with dynamic content, such as video or other information with quickly changing parameters.

Polywall Streamer enables the following key AV-over-IP use cases in a command and control environment:
  • Stream desktops in high quality from multiple workstations through IP network and share them simultaneously on a videowall
  • Share an entire video wall or part of it through IP network to multiple locations for control and monitoring
  • Encode video from a web camera, USB video device or capture card inputs, and stream it through IP network to any Polywall-managed video wall

The main application of Polywall Streamer is to capture desktops from multiple workstations and send them through a network in the form of IP streams to be displayed on video walls, with low latency. It is a software solution that provides a cost-effective alternative to expensive hardware set-ups, removing the need for capture cards, cable commutation, video matrixes and even hardware encoders and decoders. It is a pure software AV-over-IP solution that helps to cut project costs, simplify project structure and expand hardware options. As always, Polywall is hardware-agnostic and works on any Windows-based PC.

Polywall Streamer enables the majority of videoconferencing software tools to become part of a control room environment. The software supports all popular videoconferencing tools and helps to display videoconferencing windows on any Polywall-managed video wall or information screen during a call, and work with them as with any other IP source. The feature is especially relevant in the time of coronavirus-induced lockdowns and new remote standards of work, when traditional meetings mostly take place online with the help of videoconferencing tools, such as Zoom, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams or Skype. Using Polywall is a simple way to participate in a call via any videoconferencing platform and broadcast the meeting stream to video walls, along with other relevant information.

Polywall Streamer supports the functionality of video wall sharing - when part or an entire video wall screen is encoded and streamed through IP network to a remote monitor. In this scenario, Polywall helps to create a control monitor or a mini control room with a copy of the video wall from the main room for an operator working remotely.

If operators are working from home, they use the same tools for their workstation, but lack key elements of the control room environment – information screens and video walls with important shared information. Polywall 3.3 enables access to control room environment from anywhere – even from an operator’s home office - by streaming video wall content to any screen in a home office, including regular office monitors or just a home TV.

COVID-19 had a major impact on many sectors, including command and control environments. The newly-released Polywall 3.3 with Streamer functionality helps adapt command and control environments to meet new requirements and supports efficient uninterrupted operations.

Learn more details about Polywall 3.3 in our release notes.

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