Data Analytics and Visualization Software Company

Visiology is the software company focused on creating data analysis and visualization products and collaboration tools.
Our core strengths:

  1. Deep experience in Data Science, Touch UI, Video conferencing, AV hardware, Embedded systems.

  2. Mature process of developing software updates and products (based on PMBOK and SCRUM).

  3. Dedicated Quality Assurance team.

  4. Dedicated Support Team and ticket management system with self-service portal.

All exclusive rights to sell, modify and maintain Polywall software are also possessed by Visiology Ltd. Read more about Visiology at

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First version of Polywall was created for internal Polymedia (leading Russian AV/IT systems integrator) projects and supported only hardware from Jupiter Systems. Then the software got recognition from the market and significant efforts were invested to further improve the solution. That includes constant development and support work together with major update in 2012 when software was recreated from scratch to accommodate newer technologies. Since then, Polywall is considered the most powerful video wall control software at the Russian market. In 2013 Polywall was offered for the international partners. It has got immediate attention after the product launch because a lot of companies now tend to use software approach for controlling video walls. 

 Video wall control software has a number of advantages in comparison to hardware video wall controllers. And we strongly believe that software approach is the future of video walls.


Visiology is proud to offer its products and technological expertise to international partners. We have solid experience working with companies from all over the world. Our focus is to build strong relationships that will allow our partners to grow and improve mutual businesses.



We encourage various forms of collaboration, and you will always be able to choose the most favorable conditions for your business. Our technology is easy to integrate with different software and hardware solutions and can perfectly complement your product. If you want to know more about the partnership please contact us at


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Datapath are world leaders in the field of computer graphics, video capture and video wall display technology and you’ll find our products within groundbreaking, critical and high-profile applications all across the globe. From the biggest pop concerts to the deepest oceans, from critical military and medical applications choosing Datapath wherever capturing the detail matters. 
Since formation in 1982 Datapath have built a formidable reputation by providing high performance video and graphics solutions for specific application areas, one at a time. Our focus has enabled us to build-up an intimate knowledge of end user requirements, leading to development of specialized and highly valued product ranges carefully tailored to meet the exact needs of customers and end-users. 


Polywall supports Datapath Vision series of video input cards as well as Datapath ImageDP4 graphic cards. These cards allow cost-effective building of video wall of virtually unlimited size not sacrificing the performance. Visiology recommends using Datapath cards because they can support high-quality display of hardware and software video sources. 

From now on Polywall PRO version will have full support for Datapath SQX hardware decoding technology. It makes it easy for system integrators to build video walls in CCTV control rooms. Operators can use Polywall to control hundreds of IP video streams being displayed on the video wall simultaneously.

Read more about Datapath products at